Profiles wrapping machine

Hot melt polyurethane glue wrapping machine with a new technology has the capacity to wrap and

laminate all doors and windows profiles including: Aluminum,MDF, PVC HDF and WOOD

Profiles wrapping machine

cold Solvent glue profile wrapping machine with the new sensitive edge control system has the capacity

to wrap all the doors and windows profiles including: Aluminum, MDF, PVC HDF and WOOD.

Best choice for Slitting PVC,PP, and Veneer Foils

This machine is designed with the highest quality as razor blade and rotary knifes with the friction and air shafts

Foil slitting machines With Razors

PVC Profile bending machine with glycerin

You can bend every 6 meter long PVC profiles very fast and in the best way that can be bent , you can bend automatically and manually .

You can bend every 6-meter-long PVC profile manually and very clean

Sıcak havalı PVC büküm makinesi

Arch bending and head parts bending are done with this machine.

PVC Profile bending machine with glycerin

You are able to bend every 3 meter long PVC profiles manually and very fast.

PVC Profile bending machine with glycerin

A new machine That is designed to cut PVC Protective films and some Plastic films till 1600mm of wideness.

Plastturk Makina Plastik Kalıp  San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Since 2003, have been producing PVC profile bending machines, PVC profile bending molds and providing PVC profile bending service to PVC companies. The “PLASTTURK” brand is now known in both domestic and international markets. Since its establishment, it has not compromised on quality. PVC profile bending machines and PVC profile bending molds produced by PLASTTURK are used in more than 60 countries in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe. After-sales policy provides high customer satisfaction.

“We are proud of being the pioneer company in PVC machine sector”

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